DataLab for Wildlife Protection


More species are being threatened with extinction than ever before. To protect them we need to bring together and boost our strengths!

In regular life we use technologies to tackle all kinds of problems. So should we when it comes to the protection of wildlife.

To accelerate data-driven innovation, Sensing Clues, together with Nieuwegein CityDIKW Intelligence and Bluemine, set up the Nieuwegein Datalab (NGDL).

The DataLab is a meeting space and hands-on laboratory for everyone interested in Data Science, Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence. A space to experiment, to develop and challenge new ideas.

Working together with professionals, scientists, and students, Sensing Clues uses the DataLab as incubator for data driven solutions for the protection of wildlife.

Curious? Below are two of the projects we are working on:

  • Sound Event Recognition for Vigilance and Localisation (SERVAL)

  • Wildlife Crime Analyst Toolbox (WildCAT)

Want to join one of our projects or to start a data-driven wildlife protection project of your own? Just drop us a note to start your expedition!