Wild spaces are under constant pressure of poachers and habitat destructive activities such as illegal logging, grazing, charcoaling, mining, waste dumping, and many other threats to nature. Likewise, wild animals sometime pose danger to people living close-by nature reserves. Using best-of-breed technologies and expertise, it is our mission to turn these wild spaces into safe havens.


Boots on the ground are always scarce in comparison with the vast areas that need protection. To make a difference, timely information is of the essence. This includes knowing what is happening, where, when, who is involved or affected, and how threats tend to evolve. It also includes knowing where your friends are, and knowledge about which response is most effective to mitigate a threat.

Sensing Clues and its Solution Partners aim at supporting organisations in answering these questions and translating insights into informed action for nature conservation and wildlife protection.




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OUR tools

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The Platform for Wildlife Intelligence supports the full intelligence cycle from data collection to data integration to advanced analytics, early warning and reporting.

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The Cluey Data Collector and Tracking app helps you to collect and share data easily. That is, to register tracks, offences, recoveries, observations, and coordinate responses of you and your team members to any type of event.



The Focus 360 Analytics app helps you to analyse data intuitively. You can use free text search, timelines and time-sliders, geo-boxes, and semantic content filters to make any selection and to search for pattern.

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Field sensors perform monitoring tasks for prolonged periods of time, without draining patrol and incident response capacity. Automated observations are used to improve situational awareness and to alert rangers in realtime in case of any danger.

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