Smart Vision update

Noah and friends have done it! The Open CV (computer vision) is running on a Raspberry Pi. To ensure that the system performs well in real-time they had to “overclock” the system and to add a heat-sink to prevent the chip from burning. The result is a fast, low-cost and low-energy smart camera that can be used for wildlife census and anti-poaching missions.

The recognised ‘objects’, in our case, are humans, elephants, tigers, and other species. The outcome is communicated with Cluey to inform park rangers in real-time. The data may also be used by census-researchers. In that case the classified images may be collected periodically.

Below you see the sneak-preview of the cloud-based smart-cam training console. This console may be used by experts or the public to improve our classifier (for the experts: we use a mix of classic learning, machine learning, and deep learning). Once the detection accuracy of the smart-cam is sufficient, the sensor can be placed in the field. To reduce communication cost, only the class will be send. To increase confidence in the system, a thumbnail of the recognised object may be send as well.


Can’t wait to experiment with the smart cam? Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can speed up time to the field!