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The Cluey Data Collector and Tracking app is designed to ease and improve the quality of data collection, record ranger tracks, and facilitate quick response coordination among ranger teams. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and functions best on Android version 7 and higher.

Cluey works both on- and offline. In the latter case, observations are being shared once connection is re-established.

With Cluey you can

  • record your own tracks and specify whether you are on duty, patrol, or following the spoor of a human or animal track,

  • view your own position and those of your fellows,

  • create alerts and notes including photos about animal sightings, finds, human-wildlife conflicts, offences, and other observations.

  • respond to field sensor alerts in real-time.

Moreover, you can invite friends and colleagues to share information and work in local mode when internet connectivity is absent, unstable or expensive.

Information among members is shared within a project groups. The information being collected is shared with personally invited project members only. One can only become a project member upon invitation by the project owner. 

Last but not least, the categories of information and the specific tags shown, are customisable, to allow for more efficient data collection.

You can read more about Cluey in the User Support Center.

Credits for development, icons, and more.

Select Tracking type and add observations

Select Tracking type and add observations

Add observation

Add observation