Detecting poachers through Sound Event Recognition


In 90 seconds this video shows you how the SERVAL can be used to detect threats, such as poachers or illegal loggers.

Human-Wildlife Conflict

Another promising application of SERVAL is the mitigation of the human-wildlife conflict. Habitats of elephants shrink, seducing them to roam into the land and villages of farmers living near nature reserves. This is causing serious trouble. Villagers loose their crop, or worse, get killed. In retaliation, elephants get poisoned or shot. By identifying and localising elephants before they enter the human territories, rangers may be in time to keep both the villagers and the elephants safe.

For this project, we are working closely together with:

  • Karol Piczak of the Warsaw University of Technology,

  • Shermin da Silva of Trunks & Leaves,

  • Angela Stoeger-Horwath of the Dept. Cognitive Biology, Vienna University,

  • Matthias Zeppelzauer of the St. Pölten University of Applied Science,

  • Peter Wrege of the Elephant Listening Project at Cornell University, and

  • Blaise Droz, independent nature journalist and videast.