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Marsican Brown Bear

Imagine if you could accurately predict the movements of a highly endangered animal species, hours or days in advance. For those engaged in the conservation of that species, such information would be invaluable.

The Apennine Mountains is a large mountain range in central Italy. The mountain slopes are mossy and covered with huge centuries-old beech trees. The area is home to large populations of deer species and wild boar, who share their habitat with wolf, semi-wild horses and cattle.

Its most famous resident is the Marsican brown bear, which is endemic to this region.

Together with the experts of Rewilding Europe, Sensing Clues will be working on improving knowledge about the whereabouts and activities of the Marsican brown bear. We’ll use this information to design predictive models that can be used to prevent harmful interactions between local residents and bear, and thus contribute to their successful co-existence.

Marsican Brown Bear. Photo by Bruno D’Amicis, Rewilding Europe

Marsican Brown Bear. Photo by Bruno D’Amicis, Rewilding Europe


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