DATA integration made simple


The Platform for Wildlife Intelligence supports the full intelligence cycle from data collection to data integration to advanced analytics, early warning and reporting.

The Platform for Wildlife Intelligence works both on- and offline. In the latter case, data is being synchronised as soon as connectivity is re-established.

Wildlife Intelligence Platform.png

the platform for Wildlife intelligence provides you

  • functions to ingest any data source as is, including

    • field observations collected with Cluey

    • GPS points and tracks (e.g. people, vehicle, collared animals)

    • documents, including PDF, Word, spreadsheets, csv, etc.

    • spatial data

    • photos and video (e.g. from camera-traps)

    • sensor data

    • remote sensing images from drones or satellites

    • linked open data and other web-sources such as local weather forecasts, social media feeds, etc.

  • secure storage and retrieval of all you data

  • authentication and authorisation of users and field sensors

  • monitoring and management of connected devices

  • semantics-based integration of data for intuitive analytics

  • automated text and object recognition in documents and images

  • construction and management of geofences and alerting rules

  • open API’s to connect any device, including third party sensors, camera traps, trackers, and other field devices

The above functions are powered by the proven technologies of MarkLogic, PoolParty, and BIT Internet Technology. Within the scope of our mission, all provide their technologies and services free of charge. 

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