Congratulations, you just successfully activated your Cluey account!

You can now proceed in two ways.

  1. Just wait for someone to invite you to his/her project.

  2. Create your own project.

All project members can:

  • share their tracks,

  • view each others position on the map,

  • share observations,

  • retreive alerts from camera-traps or sensors that are deployed within the project.

If you created your own project, you are the owner. In addition to Project Members, Project Owners can:

  • invite other Cluey-users to become project member,

  • select or de-selectc categories and icons within these categories for data collection

Viewing all collected data

You can use your Cluey-credentials to log-in into Focus 360 Analytics, where you can view and analyse all data that is collected in the projects of which you are Project Member.

More info and help

More information about the Cluey Tracker and Data Collector can be found here.