Detecting presence of bush crafter

In a southern nature reserve in the Netherlands, the State Forestry Department has spotted a tree hut, made by a bush crafter. In its neighbourhood rangers have found snares, suggesting that the bush crafter is also a poacher.

Because the rangers are too few in number, the forests too extensive, and the visits of the bush crafter irregular, hiding and waiting until the bush crafter arrives is not an option.

Hence, the local ranger suggested us to test our Trespasser sensor here. The idea was simple: we would hide our sensor near the tree hut. Once someone would stay near that hut for more than 15 minutes, an alert would be send to the rangers, enabling them to catch him red-handedly.

So we did. This week we placed the sensor. However, it did not come online. A small investigation learned us that network roaming was the problem. Indeed, the area was very near the German border. It is a minor problem, but to fix it we had to take the sensor back.

Conclusion: this time the bush crafter was lucky. But not for long. We’ll be back shortly. From then on our sensor will inform the rangers when the bush crafter arrives at the scene…